With all the bad news coming out of Greek Life the past few days, I thought it might be nice to have something a little different and let everyone ask questions of a real, live sorority girl.

I'm a junior in college and an active member of a Panhellinic Sorority on a campus in the South where Greek Life is taken pretty seriously. I know a lot about the different types of Greek Life on my own campus (fraternities, sororities, historically black Greek organizations, and professional fraternities) as well as having had visited Greek Life on campuses all over the US, so I like to think I know my stuff.

I'd like to try to keep my chapter and school a secret (past the fact that I go to a Division 1 school and am a member of a top national sorority) but past asking me those questions, feel free to ask me anything you've ever wanted to know about Greek Life! Questions, criticisms, and clarifications are all welcome.